International Food & Beverage Wholesale in New Zealand

Comprehensive range of Top Selling, proven products to retail stores throughout New Zealand

Zebra International Food & beverage Wholesale NZ is an importer of a range of grocery products from countries such as South Africa, USA, and the UK. With a large portfolio of some of the most well known brands and products we are able to offer a comprehensive range of Top Selling, proven products to retail stores throughout New Zealand.

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Zebra International NZ is a based, International Food & beverage Wholesale NZ business. We are a family owned and operated company, based in New Zealand.

Continually Expanding Range

Don’t waste time searching for the products your customers are looking for. By staying on top of what consumers throughout New Zealand are looking for, you can be sure people are already looking for the products we offer, before you order them.


Always Fresh Products

With our accurate systems in place, we guarantee the products you receive have a long best before date and that you’ll never get any products at the end of their use by dates.

NZ standards compliance

Your products are guaranteed to be labelled according to New Zealand food standards.

Keen to stock our range of products?

We are an importer and distributor of international products to retailers here in New Zealand. If you are a retailer, please fill in the following enquiry form, and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hour.

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