Freshpak Rooibos Regular Teabags 80s


Freshpak Rooibos Regular Teabags, 80s Sold in packs of 24 Uniquely South African health story Rooibos teas have a long history of associated health benefits, with each variant delivering these in their own uniquely tasty way. Recent scientific studies have shown that among other health benefits, drinking Rooibos, for example, Freshpak, a tea unique to South Africa, can increase your levels of anti-oxidants which will help reduce the risk of cancer, slow the aging process and lower the risk of heart disease. So, whether it’s a healthy reviving Rooibos or Green tea you’re after, or a refreshing cup of speciality tea you’re looking for, the Freshpak range offers a range of deliciously healthy, caffeine-free beverages.
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